Kaspersky Update Utility feature

Kaspersky Update Utility is the application designed for downloading updates of selected Kaspersky Lab applications from the specified update source.
The application allows saving updates in a local or network folder, from which they can be distributed on computers without Internet access.

Kaspersky Update Utility establishes connection to an update source according to the specified settings and checks if any updates for the selected applications are available.
If any updates for the selected applications are available, Kaspersky Update Utility downloads them into the selected folder.

After the download, the application checks the updates for integrity.
Results of the application's operation are logged in a report.

With Artica, you will be able to provide an update source on a secured system.


  • Create Kaspersky Update Server Mirror for Offline Updates
  • Possibility of updating almost all products of Kaspersky Lab.
  • Discharge the Administration server for providing updates.
  • Ensure that adequate resources are available for updates.
  • Use a non-windows system to store critical security updates.
  • Ability to cascade repositories servers.