Artica SMTP Appliance

Artica SMTP Gateway appliance is the easiest and fastest way to route emails within your infrastructure.

Email Security

Artica SMTP appliance delivers unparalleled multi-layered protection from spam, virus and hacker attacks.

It provides real-time enterprise email updates to reduce the window of vulnerability resulting in airtight security at the edge of the network.
The appliance form factor makes it easy to deploy with minimal ongoing administration.
It includes all well known technologies to fight Spams such as Grelylisting, Content filtering, DNS filtering and Automatic FireWall rules.
Artica Tech provides a reputation service that currently stores more than 10.000.000 blacklisted TCP/IP addresses and more than 500.000 whitelisted TCP/IP addresses

    Main Features:

  • Artica Load balancer support in order to create SMTP clusters farms
  • Act as an SMTP gateway including Active Directory/LDAP connections.
  • Build multiple disclaimers according senders/destinations rules.
  • Can Auto-compress attachments according senders/destinations/size rules.