Whatsnew Service Pack 11 for Artica 4.30.000000


  • IT Charter did not using the username when accepting the IT Chart.
  • Firewall service is not removed after removed all proxy transparent ports.
  • network settings are not saved until the first wizard is not executed.
  • Unable to enable correctly Network interfaces in the Intrusion detection system.
  • Remove possibility to select null value in encryption methods in the RDS Proxy settings.


  • New button that flush the IT Chart cache instead of waiting 10mn.
  • Possibility to skin the RDP proxy TSE interface color and logo
  • New button to motivate the use of Artica Cloud service in Categories service and in Realtime requests.


  • Pinger proxy process if parent feature is not enabled (made listen port freeze on non-ipv6 servers)


  • memcached in session is now disabled (caused unstable sessions)