Whatsnew Service Pack 116 for Artica 4.30.000000


  • Unable to Enable/Disable objects in an acl.
  • Warning K5Start engine is stopped error each 3 minutes when using Kerberos method with proxy


  • DNSSEC support for DNS Cache service.
  • Possibility to add record natively in DNS cache service.
  • Possibility to display License verification tasks events.
  • New feature that allow restarting quickly the proxy service on some detected troubles.
  • More logs for PostgreySQL database operations.
  • Local interfaces are now trusted for PostGreySQL - fix error no pg_hba.conf entry for host "x.x.x.x", user "root", database "root"
  • Performances statistics about Proxy CPUs usages, requests number and number of generated connections.
  • Possibility to remove Hard-coded categories.