Proxy statistics

Artica allows you to display many statistics in order to see when,where,how your users use the bandwitch and the Webs. (Download the Documentation)

Centralized Statistics

You can dedicate a central server that able to receive events from several Artica servers.
Logs will be merged and centralized to an unique Web Interface.

PDF Reports

You can schedule PDF reports that can be sent by eMail to a list of recipients:
  • Daily report
  • Yesterday report
  • Current week report
  • Last week report
  • Monthly report
  • Last month report

Dedicated statistics privileges

You can create specific privileges from Artica local database, LDAP or Active Directory that allows some users to access to proxy statistics.

Statistics by categories

With Artica categorization method statistics can be extracted by topic like Press, pets, society, press, cars, animals...

What, Where, When, who ?

With the query on statistics you will be able to extract graphs, charts, tables of who is using what and when it using some...

The Statistics feature is available with an Artica Enterprise Edition License

Statistics Feature Documentation