About WCCPv2 redirection on Artica Proxy

Artica includes support for Web Cache Communication Protocol version 2 (WCCPv2).

WCCPv2 is a content-routing protocol developed by Cisco Systems.
It provides a mechanism to redirect traffic flows in real time.
The primary purpose of the interaction between WCCPv2-enabled routers and an Artica server is to establish and maintain the transparent redirection of selected types of traffic flowing through those routers.

Cisco says: WCCP enables supported Cisco routers and switches to transparently redirect content requests.
With transparent redirection, users do not have to configure their browsers to use a web proxy.
Instead, they can use the target URL to request content, and their requests are automatically redirected to an application engine.
The word transparent means that the end user does not know that a requested file (such as a web page) came from the application engine instead of from the originally specified server.

WCCP with Artica Documentation