Categories service

This service helps proxies to resolve a category based on a domain visited by users.

It is used for statistical purposes in order to group user navigation into specific themes ( porn, malwares, Industry, clothing, shopping, medical, health...).
This makes it possible to define trends and detects deviations.
It also ensures the ability to create access rules through a very large number of websites.

ArticaTech provides to it's customers an already database over than 55 million of categorized websites through 150 categories

The categories Service allows anyone to extend/replace/override this database.

The categories Service uses DNS protocol to provide information. Resolved domains information can be extended with specific commands
These commands are able to modify proxies clients behavior. With the resolved domain, the category service is able to automatically:

  • Deny access to a bulk of Websites.
  • Allow access to a bulk of websites and bypass any local rules.
  • Deny the local proxy to not save in cache a set of websites.

The Categories service is available with an Artica Enterprise Edition License

Categories Service Documentation